WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 Premium WordPress Plugin

WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 is a plugin for your WordPress website. The themes of WPtouch pro are basically used for mobile visitors. The core idea behind this plugin is to facilitate website owners to easily create a mobile experience for the users of their websites. WPtouch Pro is well known as the elder brother of the WPtouch plugin. its regular license costs around 79$ but Dnt’ Worry we “TheTechEX.net” is providing it for free.

WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 Premium WordPress Plugin
WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 Premium WordPress Plugin

Premium WordPress Plugin WPtouch Pro will be able to easily produce a version of your theme perfectly suitable for an iPad and a smartphone.
The problem of loading the website on mobile is related to their responsive. An average webpage has a size of 1.5MB and when the similar page is loaded on mobile devices, extra lines of code are required to load in order to make it responsive, in this way the process is slower. This issue is resolved nicely by WPtouch Pro. It cleverly detects the mobile devices like phones and tablets in order to deliver a quick web experience that is mobile optimized. if you are not familiar with this you can visit & view its demo on the official website.

Premium WPtouch Pro Plugin for WordPress :

WPtouch Pro WordPress plugin is known as a server-side solution. A server-side solution is definitely better than a responsive theme as it maintains the performance on all devices and creates an experience specifically for mobile.
Managing Ads is also amazing if you are using WPtouch Pro plugin. If you are using AdSense for ads, all you need to do is to add credentials and choose where you want to place the ads. It also works great with other ad networks too. Another positive aspect about WPtouch Pro is that it comes with extensive documentation. You can access it on BraveNewCode’s website by just logging in.

WordPress Premium WPtouch Plugin Features :

  • iPad supported.
  • Smart-App Banner support.
  • Custom ads (AdSense and other networks too)
  • Multi-level navigation menus.
  • Support for multiple WordPress menus.
  • Full options for customization.
  • WordPress Plugin compatibility.
  • Threaded comments.

How to install & activate WordPress WPtouch Pro Plugin Manually?

  • Download the “WPtouch Pro” .zip file from below.
  • Open your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to > Plugins. “Page” Click > Add New “option” > Click Upload Plugin.
  • Choose the earlier downloaded WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 “.zip” file.
  • After that click install now. “button” > Activate the plugin, all done 🙂

WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 Premium WordPress Plugin
WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 Premium WordPress Plugin
 Download WPtouch Pro v4.3.8 .zip (3.1mb)

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